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Users Feedback's -

        S V

I got the opportunity to speak to you once and what a great person you were. You made me feel so comfortable, spoke to me as if I was your child and felt my pain and sorrows. Cannot believe you are no longer with us. But I believe that a great soul as yours has definitely joined the light of the almighty. May you Rest in peace. Om Shanti.

Pankaj Tiwari

felt really good talking to you hoping all of it to come true

Venkatraman Balakrishnan

Very detailed report for the questions with remedies. Explanation are very apt and answered further questions. Highly recommend him for any astrology consultation

Vanshika Agarwal

very good and knowledgeable astrologer with deep knowledge of subject and good advisor and should be consulted

Ashish Bansal

Thank you sir for all the suggestion, guidance and remedies. I will work on them.

Ashish Bansal

Thank you sir for all the suggestion, guidance and remedies. I will work on them.

S Prakash

Thank you sir for your guidance and suggestions. I am waiting for the time to bring me the good news.

Jai Par

Very Good Knowledge about astrology. Its very important to see all the charts and go in deep before suggesting any remedies like gemstones and mantras. He does so.

Kalyanendu Swain

We had a 20 min chat with Mr Abhay Mishra today , I would say max prediction was inline with our current situation , he has a depth knowledge of planetary aspects and respective impact on your present and future , you must once consult him, me and hubby were sceptical at first but we started asking he explain the scenario so well , we can correlate to maximum of his prediction , I would definitely suggest all , moreover I will end my review saying he is a on point counsellor !!

Trupti Malladi

Thank you for the thorough study and detailed report. Really helpful remedies. Thank you very much!

Kalyani Shirbhate

thank you sir .. nice prediction with simple remedies

Kalyani Shirbhate

Supriya Singh

Excellent knowledge... Perfect analysis... Very knowledgeable person

Reeshika A

Very good

Debdutta Mitra

very knowledgeable and has patience.

Jagriti Singh

very experienced and knowledgeable.

Trupti Malladi

I would highly recommend to Mr. Abhay Mishra. Detailed report along with remedies has been suggested by him. Good and reliable astrology.

Abhinav Mohnot

Great session and very accurate predictions

Nishant Kumar

Best suggestions best advisor thank u so much sir best guiding...

Abhinav Piyush

I was fully satisfied with the consultation.

Delia E

I am very happy to have met this amazing astrologer. He is very knowledgeable and very accurate. Thank you, sir! May god bless you!

Reeshika A

Very good! Highly recommended .

Rupali Singh

it was great talking to sir...very useful

Deepak Divakaran

It was great, insightful session I had with sir. Very useful. Highly recommend.

Reeshika A

Very good, detailed and accurate predictions ! Highly recommended

Govind P

Thank you sir ..for ur time, prediction and remedies... impressed by his guidance

Suhasini Talluri

Thanks for the remedies

Ankur Sharma

He is really a good astrologer. He analyzes the chart really good and give very accurate and precise predictions. Also the remedies are quite easy and practical..I would highly recommend him for any sort of consultation.

Ankur Sharma

Abhay Mishra is a highly recommended astrologer who provides the best astro advice. His understanding on the subject is very deep and it helps one to explore his/her full potential.


Thank you so much for such crisp analysis with great clarity. Would also like to thank you for the remedies suggested. I shall certainly work on them.


Thanks for the remedies

Pallavi Shukla

Very accurate solved solution impressed by his guidance

Vijay Kunder

excellent . highly recommended

Vijay Kunder

excellent . highly recommended

Vaishnavi Gaur

Abhay Mishra is a highly recommended astrologer who provides the best astro advice online. His knowledge of the cosmos allows you to assess your life and improve it accordingly.

Manisha Mohan

well expained and satisfied with the prediction.

Anchal Agarwal

 Thank you.

Anamika Gurjar

I would like to give 10 on 10

Dipanjita Patra

Abhay one of the best astrologer . The way of his assessment for my horoscope is excellent. It boosted my confidence and trust. He is a kind of astrologer who explain your problems and solutions in such a simple manner that you find quite easy to understand and more over the way he guide us to believe on almighty is wonderful. I am really blessed that I got his blessings for my family. I will recommend everyone who believe in almighty definitely take the suggestions from Abhay Ji if find any problem in life.

Seena Sahadevan

He is one of the best astrologer that I have come across with vast knowledge in healing and predicting the life directions. I recommend him.

Monika Aggarwal

Good astrologer.Memorable experience

Jai Parkash

Nice to talk

Abhishek B

I would highly recommend Abhay Ji, he’s very good at problem solving. Thanks!


Have been consulting Abhay sir for almost one year now and all his predictions are always bang on with accurate time frames. Going through a rough patch in my life but talking to Abhay sir always give me strength and a belief that almighty will listen to me if I pray with whole heart. Never believed in astrology until I spoke to him and later on consulted for my family as well. Genuine and best astrologer on any platform. Words fall short as I write this review with gratitude for sir. Highly recommended to everyone.

Vineet Chourasia

I have been in regularly consulting with Shri Abhay sir since one and half year regularly and I have been benefited every time he is thorough and knowledgeable , accurate predictions and simple remedies which worked for me in short sir is excellent & best astrologer. I have got positive energy every time I talked to him to do better in life and guidance I got from him is priceless which makes him different from others. Thanks sir

Rachna Mishra

Such a nice and accurate information as well as guidance which is very rare to get. thanks a lot for explaining in such a scientific way.

Deepshikha Singh

Acharya Ji is very knowledgeable and explained all the aspects with lot of clarity. My regards and thankfulness

Mridula Upadhyay

The report you gave me was very detailed and amazing. I don't think anybody could have done it any better. I'll, forever, be grateful for your guidance.

Surabi Thapa

Very thorough and knowledgeable and gave me a lot of insight and detail on my report that will help me on the long run. Highly recommend!

Aishwarya Khajuria

I have been asking for guidance from him for the past year and everything was good and precise, I recommend him, he is very knowledgeable and gives advices for personal growth as well

Mridula Upadhyay

You are a very fine astrologer, I would recommend you to everybody.

Rishi raj

nice session

Rishi raj

had a good session with your sir.Get to know about what my destiny is saying about me. and thnx for providing good remedies and direction to work on

Suresh K

I have been regularly consulting him for around nine months by now and followed his provided guidance on my certain critical matters to get the desired result to my satisfaction. I am impressed by his thorough professionalism and knowledge on the subject.


Highly recommended.


Thanks a lot Abhay sir. Till date all his predictions about me and my family have always come true. Even the dates mentioned are accurate and events happen as per his predictions. Extremely grateful. Highly recommend to everyone.

Rabindra Kumar Pansari

Thanks a lot Abhay Sir. He studied horoscope very deeply and give the solutions very perfectly. Accurate Reading & Solutions. Highly Recommended to everyone

Praveen Raj

To the point prediction. We have to give him accurate date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. He also gave positive affirmations which I am sure will help in future . Thank you sir for your time and consultation. Regards Praveen

Neha Singh

I want to talk u sir

Jasmeet Singh Narang

Thank you very much for your valuable analysis. A big thanks for your valuable remedies and making me positive and uplifting my mood.

Jagriti Singh

really inspired me and told the right thing abt my future career .thanks a lot

Nupur Singhvi

Highly Recommended

Nupur Singhvi

He has definitely provided deep insights to me and has inculcated so much positivity in me that I feel so much better and uplifted

Nupur Singhvi

One word for him AMAZING

Vaibhav Rai

Amazing experience, explanations are really good , highly recommended!!


Thanks for the analysis and simple remedies.

Rashi Sharma

when will I get my answer?

Priyanka Naik

Dear Sir, Thank you for your detailed explanation of the situation and for answering my questions in a very clear manner. I would try to inculcate the suggestions you have given me. Recommended for suggestions.

Shamika Chavan

Very knowledgeable and informative session. He has a soothing voice that put me at ease immediately. His timelines matched with my past experiences. The remedies suggested are very practical and doable. Definitely recommended.

Gopa Maity

I have spoken with him few times, and the way he explains my queries, is really amazing. Highly recommended.

Abhishek B

I would highly recommend Abhay Ji, he is a wonderful person and his predictions are to the point which helps to have a clear vision ahead. Thanks!

sua sri

my daughter has to be blessed with progeny

GK kollipara

Very experienced and quick in explanaing details. Recommend to every one.

Priyanka gautam

thank u so much for your motivation

Paarth Vora

very nice really satisfied after word with him highly recommend ...

Dhawal Wade

Highly recommended.

Shreedhar Ilapavuluri

Thank you so much sir. You have got enormous knowledge in Astrology. The way you predicted my questions before being asked , is definitely exceptional. Moreover the very best part is that, providing simple remedies. You filled me with confidence and I am so thankful to you. You made my day. You are my Guru and I will stay in touch with you.... Good day sir. Thank you so much


Highly qualified

Shuvangi Sahi

Very positive, very motivating. Fortunate to have your guidance sir. My best wishes for you.

Nikita Sharma

He''s answered all my questions in detail. Extremely happy. Thank you so much!!!

shruti Agarwal

The best on Highly Recommended!

shruti Agarwal

gives suggetion which are reqyuired, talks on point and best apporach of consultant


He looked at my and my husbands charts and said both charts indicated job by 30th November but unfortunately calculations are incorrect and in defense we are told our birth time is wrong but how can birth times be wrong for both persons? Once again hard earned money gone down the drain

Gopa Maity

What a person..!!! Normally I dont write any comments anywhere, but for him I thought of writing today. I must say this person is having extreme deep knowledge about the subject. Very accurate prediction and calculation. The most important thing is his positivity. Thank you so much..!!

Nidhi Pancholi

I consulted him for the second time I am soo happy getting all my answers and he gave me such a positive energy. Recommended


Excellent conversation.. Having deep profound knowledge.. Very enlightening, invigorating and enthusiastic .. Looking forward for the next session

Shreya Changrani

Amrita Nag

Nice voice, nice quality of speech and nice behaviour.. predictions are too much real and really really helpful... I recommend to consult with him..

Nidhi Pancholi

A very gentleman gavecmy answer to the point and a very knowledgeable person. I am happy getting all the straight forward answer. He is so polite and talked to me as his own child. Thank you sir looking forward to be in touch

Raj Kumar

Excellent astrologer. nice person. Recommended

Raj Kumar

Excellent astrologer. nice person. Recommended

devang patel

very good experience.. clear guidence

shruti Agarwal

Nice human being. Very spiritual soul,humble . Highly recommended


Excellent Analysis by Abhay sir. Many thanks!

Raj Kumar

Very nice astroger. Gives positive advice. I strongly recommend him.

Mih S

Made me very positive

Nikhil Kaimal

Very nice prediction